Sunday, June 23, 2024

Animated Google doodle plays Jingle Bells – A really cool Christmas greeting for the world


Its Christmas season, Google has designed an Animated Doodle that plays “Jingle Bells” , go to and click on those 6 colourful boxes and thats it. You should now hear the “jingle Bells” that’s the way Google has decided to greet the world on this Christmas.

As you click on the first 5 boxes, you can note that it plays “Dashing Through The Snow” and the 6th box stars the “Jingle Bells

After playing Google automatically loads search page with search term “Happy Holidays


The Doodle has been designed to show six objects

G – Snow Flake 

o – Bell

o – Bell

g – Snowman

l – Candle

e – Wrapped Gift

Update: Since Christmas is over, the Animated Happy Holidays Google Doodle is no longer available live, instead you can enjoy it on the below video

Happy Holidays 2011

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