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Aakash vs ubislate 7 vs ubislate 7+, Recent Name revisions by datawind

There is a slight confusion in differentiating Aakash, UbiSlate 7 and UbiSlate 7+ , this confusion is due to recent revision in names of the tablets by Datawind.

Aakash-vs-UbiSlate7-vs-Ubislate-7 ,-confusion-in-names-and-features,-Recent-name-revision-of-tablets-by-DatawindThe recent revision in names are as follows,

Aakash will be called as UbiSlate 7 and UbiSlate 7 will be called as ubiSlate 7+. So, from now on there is only two version of the low cost tablet with new revised names

1. UbiSlate 7 (Formerly called as Aakash)

2. UbiSlate 7+ (Formerly called as UbiSlate)

Please note that, Aakash was the name given to student version of UbiSlate 7

Aakash-vs-UbiSlate7-vs-Ubislate-7 ,-confusion-in-names-and-features,-Recent-name-revision-of-tablets-by-Datawind price difference

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