Friday, June 21, 2024

YouTube Videos can now be played Offline in India

This may be the most awaited feature after all. YouTube finally announces offline video feature in India, where mobile internet connection is so expensive and limited. The new YouTube offline feature allows users to take videos offline, and view them later when there is no internet connection. This feature is available on YouTube android app. Videos can be taken offline by tapping the offline playback icon and choosing the preferred video quality.


Once done, the videos can be played offline for the next 48 hours from the “Offline” menu. Well, you cannot actually download videos to keep them permanently on your device. But this feature is cool for those with slow and unstable connections. This feature has been rolled out in India, Indonesia and Philippines.

Take note that you can actually download YouTube videos on your PC with Firefox addons and Chrome Extensions.

Do you think this YouTube offline feature is a game changer? or would you simply prefer some third party apps to downland videos permanently to your device?

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