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Track current location of your train in real-time–Indian Railways

Update: Indian Railways has updated the tracking system and discontinued Google Maps Integration. Now you can see the train’s location only in table

Click here to Track the train in New Interface

Indian Railways has got a new feature that allows you to track the current location of your train.


You can get live running status/position of any train on the new trainenquiry website. The website is developed by Centre For Railway Information Systems (CRIS), the IT wing of Indian Railways.

Click here to track your train


Step 1: Type the train detail in the new improved search bar

First search for the train by any of the following data. The search has been made more simpler with predictions as you type.

1. 5 digit train number (Example: 12859, 01493, etc.)

2. Train Name (Example: Kovai Express, Mumbai Rajdhani etc.)

3. From and To Station codes/Names (Example: Delhi to Chennai, Bangalore to Chennai, AK to NGP etc.)

4. Intermediate station Name (Example: Mumbai to Allahabad to Howrah)

Step 2 : Select the appropriate train

From the highlighted box of the search results, click on the appropriate train or select the exact train to get more details based on start date from the originating station and previous and next stops.

Step 3 : Finish – You get your current train status and position details

That’s it, now you have your train’s exact status and position details. The details include

1. Current Status of the Train (on time, delayed, reached destination etc.)

2. Last Location / Updated time of the Train

3. Next two stops and expected time of arrival (ETA)

4. Previous two stops and the departure time

At present the new trainenqiry website is in beta and is expected to go off beta in next few weeks

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