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Top 3 methods to create animated GIF from video


How-to-create-animated-GIF-from-videoGraphics Interchange Format introduced by Compuserv has a widespread usage across the Internet. There are both tough and easy ways to create a GIF. Here are the 3 methods to produce an animated GIF from a video.

First method uses a offline video converter tool, second method uses online tools available in websites and the third method uses Adobe Photoshop Animation mode.


1. Using a Video Converter tool

Using a video converter tool to create animated GIF is the easiest way to produce GIF offline.

Free video to GIF converter (Free) | Download

              This application is free and is excellent in converting video into animated GIF. It is lightweight and has more control over the output GIF.  It gives control over dimension, duration, frame rate and more. You can remove unnecessary frames before converting. Its very simple and fast and recommended.


You may also try other video converters like Imtoo video converter to create animated GIF

2. Using an online GIF animator application

There are many online web applications to make a GIF from uploaded video

          GIFninja is a famous web application to make animated GIF either using images or video. Visit, select images or a video file and create the GIF. Here you can control the animation speed. Gifninja is free and has a 4 seconds limitation. So, it is better to trim, and crop your video before you convert.

          Bloggif is another good tool to create GIF. Visit, upload a video and vreate you GIF. You can also get a HTML code to embed the created GIF into your website. Bloggif offers many options to control the output GIF image, You can control the number of frames to skip, width and more. This is an excellent tool you can give it a try.

You can also try which requires you to register before you can start

3. Using Adobe Photoshop

You can also use Adobe Photoshop create animated GIF. Here’s a short, simple and quick start tutorial to create animated GIF from a video in Adobe Photoshop

1. Open Photoshop, click File –> Import –> Video frames to layers and import a video, here you can either import the entire video or select a few frames

2.  Click Windows –> Animation, this will show you the frames of the imported video

3. Now you can delete frames or add frames and edit as you wish.  To crop the GIF, use
the rectangular marquee tool to select area and click “Crop” under “”Image” menu

4. Now click File –> Save for web & devices –> select GIF in the drop down menu and click “Save

5. Done


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