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Install Apps that say “This Item is Not Available in Your Country”

If you are trying to install an Android app that says “This Item is Not Available in Your Country“, then here’s a quick easy fix. This fix will let you download and install country specific or country restricted apps like Pokémon GoReddit, Opera Max Data Manager, Google Play Music, Google Keyboard, Google Earth, Spotify, Netflix, Hulu, Viber, Google Wallet, Pandora, Yelp and so on. These apps were not available in the Google Play Store, India at the time of writing.

These apps are localized for some reasons like, if it has localized resources, if there are some legal issues, international pricing issues, serviceable regions and so on. Google Play lets the developer to control what countries and territories the apps are distributed to.

Steps to Force install country specific apps

Let’s dive into the workaround of installing apps that say “This Item is Not Available in Your Country“.

In this guide we will be installing “Pandora Radio” android app, which is not available in India


Step 1:

Install TunnelBear VPN on your device from Google Play Store

Install TunnelBear VPN

Step 2:

Open TunnelBear VPN app on your mobile and create account or sign in

Step 3:

Once signed in, make sure “United States” is selected in the countries list and then turn on the VPN connect switch

Now the data traffic will be routed through TunnelBear VPN and you will be privately browsing from “United States”


Step 4:

Close Google Play store if it is open, and go to Settings > Apps (or Application Manager) > Google Play Store and click “Clear Data

Step 5:

Now open Play Store, accept the agreement, skip the payment method, search for the country specific app(in this case, Pandora) and then install.

Now you can notice that the “Install” button is available instead of the message “This item is not available in your country”, Done.


If you find difficulty finding country specific app in the PlayStore search, please switch your PlayStore account.

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Recommended VPN Apps

Apart from TunnelBear VPN, we recommend the following VPN apps for this job. These apps are free, and also provide country switching feature.

  1. Surf Easy VPN from Opera
  2. Hola VPN
  3. Super VPN

Earlier, we were using Hotspot Shield VPN for this work around, since the free version of Hotspot shield no longer provides option to switch countries, we have re-written this article with TunnelBear VPN. Please note that you can use any VPN for this work around.

Any ideas?

What app did you install using this method? Do you recommend any particular VPN? Please let us know in the comments

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  1. I followed exactly same steps but its working for me at all. I want to install Pokemon go from USA play store in India.

    Is there anything related to my creditcard linked with play store? Please suggest what to do .

    Infact you should create a article om how to install pokemon go from any country without apk to avoid account ban.

    • Hi Manya, we have successfully installed Pokémon Go using the above steps. In step 5 after accepting the agreement, just switch to alternate Google account, or create a new Google account.

  2. I recently bought a Wileyfox Swift 2 Plus in UK, and am presently in India. I wanted to use the Reliance jio sim, but i am unable to install myjio app, which is required for the sim-activation. It says that the item is not available in my country. Is it because that Wileyfox is a UK device? Is there a way i could solve this? Because it seems the reverse of what usually the case is- this is an Indian app with a UK device.


      • Hi, thanks four prompt reply. Really appreciate it. I did the changes, however, it still shows that the app is not available in my country. Is there any other place as well where I need to change my location?


        • 1. If you are using a VPN that routes data through US or UK, you may have to disable it.
          2. Or you may even try using a VPN like Tunnel Bear or Hola and route data through “India” by selecting “India” as the location in the VPN app.
          3. Try installing through Play Store web on desktop or mobile browser
          4. If the above steps doesn’t work, you can download the APK file from the following link (although not recommended generally)

          5. Or, you can receive the APK from a friend through Shareit
          6. And, make sure your mobile supports not just 4G (LTE) but also VoLTE, as JIO is only available on mobiles with 4G+VoLTE (Some phone like Xperia Z have LTE (4G) but not VoLTE). JIO will still work on a LTE mobile but you can’t make as receive any calls as it requires VoLTE.

          • Hi, thanks again for the solutions. I tried step 2, using tunnelbear and selecting india, but doesn’t seem to work.

            Maybe my phone doesn’t support volte, but even the app jio join which can convert LTE to volte doesn’t download.

            Considering that myjio app shows the problem to be country specific, the primary problem must be that, isn’t it? Even if my phone doesn’t support volte, it should have shown me that error.


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