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How to Use Facebook via SMS – Update Status, Add Friends, Like a Page and more

Facebook-via-SMSFacebook can be used through SMS, you can update your status, become Fan of a Facebook Page, Subscribe to Status updates of a person, Add a New Friend and you can do a lot more via SMS using your ordinary phone. Even if you own a Smart Phone or Internet Enabled Phone, you can still learn to use Facebook through SMS, cause its going to come handy sometimes. [ Also learn how to use Google Search via SMS ]

Activate Facebook Texts

1. Login into your Facebook Profile

2. Go to Account Settings and Click “Mobile” tab and Click “Add a Phone”

Activate Facebook Texts


3. Select your “Country” and “Choose your Carrier”



4. Now Text the letter F to the appropriate Number, once you send the SMS you will receive a Confirmation code on your phone, enter this code in the box provided and that’s it.

If you are in India and if you are a customer of Aircel, Airtel, MTS, Rreliance CDMA and Tata Docomo then text the letter F to 51555 else text the letter F to 9232232665



Now you can send Text Messages to 9232232665 and access Facebook via SMS, Facebook doesn’t charge anything. Your mobile service provider’s  Standard message rates apply. Its better if you have free SMS.

Facebook Text Message Codes

1. Update Status

Send message to 9232232665  to update your status

2. Add Friend

To add a friend by name, type add followed by your friend’s name example: add john

To add a friend by phone number, type add followed by your friend’s phone number example: add 9956456455625

3. Become a Fan of a Facebook Page

To become a Fan ( Like a Page ) Type FAN followed by the page name, example: to become a Fan of TechFrost, type FAN techfrostblog and send to 9232232665

4. Subscribe to Status

To subscribe to status of a person, type subscribe followed by the person’s name for example: subscribe john

5. Unsubscribe

use the unsubscribe command to unsubscribe

6. Help

Type HELP for more help regarding Facebook SMS

See more Facebook Commands here

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  1. error when message sent via mobile: “Sorry, you could not become a Fan of “********” because an error occured…”

    Is there anything needed to configured in page as admin

    I tried others page..some worked perfect..but for some I am getting above mentioned error


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