Sunday, June 23, 2024

How to Split Large files using Winrar

Many people use winrar for just extracting files and compressing files. But there are a lot more feature in it. In the previous post I have explained the method of using winrar as a folderlock and now I am going to explain its use as a file splitter and joiner. If you got a 6 GB file and want to share with your friend  who has got two 4GB Pen drives , then winrar comes handy, here are the steps

1. Right click on the folder and “click “Add to archive

2. Select the “Split to volumes” drop down box and select the preset size or enter your own size in bytes

3. Click “OK” and the file will be splitted, to make the process faster, select “Store” in compression method drop down menu

4. To Join the files again, right click on the first archive and select “Extract


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