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How to Get windows 8 home screen on Windows 7 and XP

Do you like the home screen of Windows 8? and need it on your non-windows8 PC? here is a way to get the metro styled functional tiles home screen of Windows 8 in Windows 7, Vista and XP. This is not like a transformation tool or something but more than that, a real functional thing.

windows 8 UI for Windows 7 Vista and XPGreenWP7 

To Get Windows 8 Home Screen you need two tools

1. Rainmeter
An Open Source software that lets you completely customize your desktop with various pre-set skins and your creativity. Download Rainmeter here

2. Omnimo UI
– This gets installed on Rainmeter, and it is a tool for getting Windows 8, Windows 7 phone and other interactive functional tiles interface on your desktop. Download Omnimo UI here

How to Install

1. Install Rainmeter

2. Run Omnimo UI Setup – During installation check, select the type of Home Screen you need, Windows 8 or Windows 7 Phone or customizable

3. Done

To customize the panels, text items and styles use the “arrow mark” button in the Home Screen

Customizing Omnimo windows 8

Use this method to transform the windows 7, Vista and XP desktop into Windows 8 or Windows 7 Phone or other customizable desktops

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