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How to Block Spam, Marketing or Promotional SMS on Android



It’s the highest kind of annoyance when you find out that the SMS you just received with a loud notification turns out to be a spam saying you won 100,000 pounds. So, is there a way to block these annoying marketing or promotional sms text messages?

On Android, blocking spam messages is just an App away. Truemessenger is the only app you need. Truemessenger identifies messages with spam content or from spamming numbers and moves them to a separate folder thus leaving your inbox clean.

Once installed, you don’t need to customize anything, just leave the app to do it’s work.

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Why Truemessenger?

Here’s are three reasons why we prefer Truemessenger over the other dozen apps claiming to block spam sms,

1. Huge Database – With up to date spam list

More than 200 million users contribute to the Truemessenger database, hence it’s easy to report and block spam numbers. The spam list is more up to date with crowd sourced data and almost always accurate. The app does its’s job well in identifying and blocking spam text messages and most of the time you don’t have to manually add a number to the spam list. A number is automatically blocked when it is reported as spam by a number of people.



2. Identify Unknown Numbers

The app identifies names of those unknown sms senders who are not even available in your phone contacts. The app takes support from the huge truecaller database which was built through scrapping social networks and other sites and also from crowd-sourcing.

Unknown-Number-identified-on-Truemessenger   Unknown-Number-on-the-Default-SMS-App


3. Block with number series or Keywords

Truemessenger features advanced spam filters. You can create customized filters based on a number series, known spam keywords and also individual callers and numbers.

How to add a number to spam list

In the SMS preview, Simply long press on the marketing sms and click the “Spam” icon, done,



Or, Inside the SMS, simply tap the “Spam” option.


How to use Advanced Spam filters

Open the “Spam” folder and tap the “Spam icon“, you will be provided three options

Advanced-Block-Options-in-Truemessenger   Advanced-Block-Options-in-Truemessenger-Options

1. Block a number

You can add a number to the block list either by typing or choosing from the contacts. It is possible to select multiple contacts at once.


2. Block a series

A series of numbers can be blocked based on “Numbers that stat with” or “Numbers that contain” or ” Numbers that end with” a certain number.


3. Block a name

Any sender containing the word you enter will be blocked, for example I can blog all messages from VT-VDFONE



Disable Spam Notifications

Although Truemessenger will block and send those sms texts to the spam folder, it still notifies that some SMS are blocked.

You can disable these notification under SettingsSpam Notifications




Is Truemessenger helpful?

What do you think, is the app helpful or do you have any suggestions to improve the app?

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