Sunday, June 23, 2024

9773300000 – Google SMS Search Service has been shutdown in India


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Google has shutdown its SMS Search Service in India. Google SMS Search allowed users to send a query to 9773300000 and receive the result as SMS. A whole lot of people have been using Services like Dictionary, Directions, Weather, Stock and News on the Google  Search Service. This service have been helping a whole lot of people who preferred to use a basic phone.

If a user needs directions between two cities they just have to send “Directions Bangalore to Chennai” to 9773300000 and in a second or two they will receive a SMS containing the directions and distance between the two cities.

Recently Google have been shutting down their least used services to put more effort on their main products. But what creates a whirl among the users is that there haven’t been any prior notice of this shut down.

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  1. i request the google team to plz restart the google sms system so that many student like me would be able to take our studies related usage conveniently . . . . . plz dnt distract our path due to any reason . . . . i will be very grateful for this. . . . . i beg u ! . . . . pl zz z z . start the service soon . . . . No service can take its place . . . . , plz . . . .as soon as possible

  2. plz google team restart the sms service.this service was very usefull to me.and all my friends in so many ways.plz this is my request …


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