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10 Tricks for efficient Google Search

Google search tricks

Have you ever got frustrated due to irrelevant search results? if yes, then it means that you are not aware of some simple tricks that Google offers for advanced search. With these shortcuts you can enhance your search. There are lots of keywords and tricks to enhance your search but not all of them are useful. Just  learn a few, make your browsing experience sweet, funny and efficient.

1. Specific file type search
Sometime we are in need of a PPT or PDF or DOC files, in this case you can use the “filetype:” operator to specify the file type.
Search engine optimization filetype:pdf
Search engine optimization filetype:ppt
Search engine optimization filetype:doc

2. Term exclusion
using the “_” operator, terms that are unnecessary can be excluded in the search results
apple –fruit
the above search term shows results of only Apple company and excludes Apple Fruit

3. Related (Similar sites)
Find similar sites

4. Search within a site
Search within a site using the “site:” operator ccleaner
fast and furious

5. Calculator with advanced functions
You can make arithmetic calculations right inside the Google Search bar
sin(45) / tan(90)
5*9+(sqrt 10)^3

6. Converter
Convert between different currencies
1595$ in INR
50000 INR in EUR
Convert between different units
39.8c in f

7. Weather
Find weather of any city
weather chennai

8. Dictionary
Find meaning of unknown words

9. Population
Find population of any country
population india

10. Time
Find time in any city using the “time” keyword
time new york

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