Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Zoom into videos in real-time as they play

Interactively Zoom or Magnify video or Movie in VLC Media Player in realtime

You are watching an interesting movie and suddenly you come across a strange scene and out of curiosity, you like to zoom-in and take a deeper and closer look. With Videolan’s VLC Media Player, you are just one step away in attaining real-time Zoom which may reveal something new in the movie.

Step 1

Play a movie, click on the “Extended Settings Icon” in the toolbar if you don’t find this icon, just click on “Tools” and select “Effects and Filters” or just press (Ctrl+E)

Show Extended Settings Icon in VLC Media Player


Step 2

Now move to the “Video Effects” tab and click “Geometry” tab and enable “Interactive Zoom”

Interactive Zoom in VLC Media Player


Step 3

Now Interactive Zoom will display a small window in the top left corner and the small box within can be moved to specify which portion of the video gets Zoomed. (See first screenshot)


Step 4

You can control the Magnification level/Zoom depth by clicking and dragging within the triangle displayed below the Zoom control box. Thus you can Zoom any kind of videos in real-time. This feature is lot more useful if you are watching HD Movies on your Computer

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