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View LinkedIn profiles without revealing that you have viewed


LinkedIn has a nice feature that  notifies who visited your profile recently, this applies when you visit others’ profiles too. And sometimes it is better to stay anonymous. Say, for instance, your visit will be notified to people while you are just searching for a friend.

How to view LinkedIn profiles anonymously

LinkedIn hide visits browse as anonymous

Click here to directly edit your LinkedIn Anonymous settings or manually follow the below steps

1. Navigate to “Account & Settings (Click your profile picture)”, then click on “Privacy & Settings

2. Click the “Profile” tab

3. Click “Select what others see when you’ve viewed their profile

Here you will find three options, the first option is selected  by default, just select the second option that says “Anonymous profile characteristics such as industry and title” to revel only your industry or designation. The third option that says “You will be totally anonymous” completely hides your visit.

Note: Selecting any of the anonymous option will disable Profile Stats. Moreover viewer history also gets erased.

LinkedIn-Profile-View-Anonymous hide visits


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