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The World’s Hardest Sudoku – try it now


So, here’s the world’s toughest sudoku, created by Finland based mathematician, Arto Inkala. While an average sudoku that you usually try to solve on daily newspapers can get the difficulty rating of 5 at the max, this monster puzzle here tips to difficulty level of 11. So, go ahead and try for yourselves, prove that you are a genius. [Also see: Amazing optical Illusions]

Click the image and press Ctrl+P to print this puzzle

Why this version looks difficult

Sudoku is a familiar challenge to newspaper readers and puzzle enthusiasts, requiring each vertical line, horizontal line and nine-square box to contain every number from one to nine. 
While that might sound simple, the particular difficulty in this version lies in the number of deductions you have to make in order to fill in a single number on the grid.

Instead of being able to spot where a number goes based solely on the boxes that have already been filled in, most moves will face you with two or more spaces where a number could fit.

Only one of these is correct, but to find it you must examine all possible options for your next move and perhaps the move after that, continuing in the same vein until all but one potential route results in a dead end.

Playing a puzzle can help your brain stay healthy

Made up of 100 billion nerve cells, our brains are the hub of our nervous system and an amazing feat of evolution. But with expert medical opinion claiming that brain deterioration can set-in as early as 18 years of age, it is vital to keep the brain active, and ensure we are stocked up on essential nutrients, in order to stave off degenerative brain diseases. 

Recent studies have shown that engaging the mind in puzzles could have a dramatic effect on reducing the build-up of harmful proteins in the brain which can lead to memory loss and confusion, typical of Alzheimer’s.

If you are unable solve the above puzzle even after trying in all possible ways, simply find the answer here, and accept you aren’t a genius.

Source: Efanol, Telegraph

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