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Reddit launches official Android and iOS Apps

“This Item is Not Available in Your Country”

Note: If the official Reddit Android App is not available in your country and you get the message “This Item is Not Available in Your Country”, use this guide to Install Reddit by bypassing country restrictions


The wait is over as Reddit finally launches its first official Android and iOS apps. In 2014 Reddit acquired the unofficial Reddit app “Alien Blue” and relaunched it. And now, Reddit has built its official app from scratch.

   Reddit for Android      Reddit for iOS

Official Reddit App not available in all Countries

Although the launch news stirs some excitement it immediately fades away when you learn the apps are not available in all countries yet. If you are trying to install the official Reddit Android app and greeted with the message “This Item is Not Available in Your Country”, then you may have to follow this guide for installing such country restricted apps.


3 months of Reddit Gold membership free for app users

The initial feedback for the app is not so good and it seems there are some bugs here and there. The design too isn’t that attractive. But the only thing that should convince you to install the official app is that you will get 3 months of Reddit Gold membership for free. Once the app gets installed you should receive a notification saying your saying you’ve been gifted 3 months of Reddit Gold.


Switch Between Multiple Accounts

It’s good to see that the very first official Reddit app comes bundled with native function to switch between multiple user accounts. You can “Add Account” or ‘Switch between accounts” under “Settings” – “Switch users


The other noticeable features include “Night Mode” that makes the text white and the background black.

Third Party Alternatives

If you are still not happy with the official Reddit App, the following third party Reddit apps should help.

  1. Reddit is Fun [ Android ]
  2. Baconreader [ Android | iOS ]
  3. Relay for Reddit [ Android ]
  4. Reddit sync [ Android ]

Have you tried the Official Reddit App? Was it available in your country? 

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