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How to Monitor Internet usage, keep your bandwidth consumption under control

Not all home internet connections are truly unlimited, you either have a data cap or a limit from where your speed cuts down drastically, almost to a halt. Unaware of the limit many users start downloading movies, heavy software, games and even applications they will never use, and finally when the show gets over before time, they regret their usage and realize the need for monitoring the net traffic. So, here we have got some tools that will let you monitor your internet usage in real-time and alert you when you near the limit.

DU Meter [Download]

DU meter, is probably one of the best in class application for internet usage monitoring. It is packed with powerful features. You can even configure to receive a mail when the set threshold is reached, some of the feature are listed below

Live traffic data

You can see your internet usage live, a little graph or a task-bar band reveal it all. Whenever you see a spike in your usage you can straight away figure out the program that is currently using your bandwidth and stop them

 DU Meter Task bar band and graph

Complete In-depth Reports

Reports range from hours to years, thereby letting you to look back at your data usage history



Start the stopwatch, use internet, finish using, check out how much you have used


Sound Alerts

You can configure to play a sound whenever you reach a certain limit

Alerts and automatic actions

When a threshold is reached, DU meter can alert you and automatically close all network connection and even shut-down your system


Email Alert

You can configure DU meter so that you will receive an email whenever you have reached the threshold

Networx [Download]

NetWorx, is similar to DU meter, contains almost all features, has a task-band, and gives clean detailed history of your usage.


NetSpeedMonitor [Download]

Although not packed with feature, it is still worth a try


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