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How to Set a Specific View as Default in Windows 7

Windows Explorer allows you to switch between different views like Contents, Tiles, Details, List, Small Icons, Medium Icons, Large Icons and Extra large Icons. Each one of us like and use a specific view. But the problem is, once we set a specific view in Windows Explorer and open a New Window the customization is gone, the view gets switched back to Windows Default.

Steps to set a specific view as default in Windows 7

Here are the steps to set specific view as default for all folders of the same type

1. Open Windows Explorer ( Ctrl +E ) and select any “Drive”

2. Click on the “Change your view” icon at the top, and select a view you like

3. After selecting a View, Go to  “Organize” -> “Folder Options”

4. In Folder options, click “View” tab and Click ” Apply to Folders”, a dialog box appears notifying ” Do you want all folders of this type to match this folder’s view settings” Click “Yes”, Done

Now when you open a New Window or go into folders you can notice that the view you set, has been universally set.

Note: Since these settings only apply for folders of a specific type you may need to follow the same process for contents in  folders that contain media files and other files.

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