Friday, June 21, 2024

How Peel Smart Remote Can Help You Watch TV Wisely

TV and home entertainment systems are a major form of recreational activities. After a long day at work, you sit in front of the screen watching TV programmes to relax. But do you ever wonder if you’re watching too much of TV? Excessive exposure to the screen can make you more sedentary and affect your sleeping.

It’s been recommended for children to limit screen time for a long time. However, when it comes to adult, the recommendation is not much different, especially when we consider the fact that workplaces today already give us considerable exposure to computer and smartphone screens.

Here, Peel smart remote TV can help.

How does Peel cut down your screen time?

Peel TV remote app comes with a wide range of features to enhance your TV watching experience. One of the differentiating features of the app is its TV programme guide.  It helps you decide what to watch and when to watch and enables you to control your exposure to the TV. Given below is how it does so.

It records your preferences

Peel TV remote app tracks your interaction and understands your preferences. It records your likes and dislikes in terms of the types and genres of TV programmes. For example, it notes whether you watch sports or news channels more and whether you prefer a TV series to movies etc. It also records if you skip certain genres or types. Based on this, it recommends you the channels or TV shows you may want to watch.

Browsing channels and looking for the TV shows or movies that you may like may take a significant amount of time, increasing your exposure to the TV. TV programme guide feature of the Peel app cuts down on this time and helps you go directly to the channel you may be interested in.

Interestingly, as you interact with it, the app only gets smarter with time and its recommendations get more accurate resulting in an even faster browsing.

It shows you the show synopsis

Another activity which consumes a lot of time while watching TV is looking for the details of each TV programme. So, if you’re watching TV and you want to check what shows are there on the other channels and their details, you’ll have to take a break from what you’re watching and look for the synopses.

Peel delivers an unprecedented convenience in this aspect by showing you colourful thumbnails of various shows on its front screen. Just a long press on these thumbnails will show the synopsis of the corresponding show. If you like a TV show or movie based on the details that you see, you only have to tap that thumbnail on the screen and the app will take you to that channel immediately. And you can perform all of this while still staying on the same channel.

It lets you plan your TV schedule.

In addition to several innovative functions, Peel remote control for TV has an amazing offering which lets you plan ahead your TV exposure. You can use the app to see the list of upcoming TV programmes and pick the ones you would want to watch over the next one week. Once you’ve finalised it, you can go ahead and create a schedule for the week using the app. Not only this, but the app will also send you the reminders when any of the programmes on the scheduled list in up on TV.

Not only does it provide a superlative convenience to you, but it also helps you only spend the amount of time you want to, thus limiting your exposure to the TV considerably.

Hence Peel works as an intelligent TV watching assistant for you and enables you to fix when you want to watch TV and what you want to watch. Thus, it not only lets you make the most out of your TV time but also helps you maintain a healthier lifestyle.

If you want to know more about how Peel can help you limit your screen time or need any other clarification on the app, please feel free to write at [email protected] with all the details of your query.  Someone from the Peel team will get back to you at the earliest opportunity.

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