Sunday, June 23, 2024

Download Windows 8 Consumer Preview

Microsoft has finally launched Windows 8 Consumer Preview to the public. You are no more limited to the Developers Preview. If you are curious to try Windows 8 then here is the link where you can download.

How to Download and Prepare Windows 8 Disc

1. Download ISO Image file of either windows 8, 64 bit of 32 bit version
2. Burn the downloaded ISO file to a DVD, using tools like Free ISO Burner or Windows Disc Image Burner
3. You can also download Windows 8 Consumer Preview Setup, which includes tools that allow you to create a DVD or USB flash drive from an ISO file (For Window Vista and Windows 7 only)
4. Once your Disc is ready, you can Install Windows 8 Consumer Preview in your PC

Here is an official demo you would like to see


Windows 8 Consumer Preview Official Demo

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