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Automatically Reduce PC Volume During Phone Calls – Android


With those sub-woofers and a little trick to enhance bass, I always enjoy music at high volume. So, I use a simple method to make myself aware of my phone ringing no matter how high the music. With this simple trick, I no longer run for the volume control on my PC to reduce volume when I make a call or receive a call.

When my phone get an incoming call or when I try to place a call, my PC volume automatically decreases to a preset value, allowing me to concentrate on the call, and immediately when I finish the call the PC volume resumes to normal. Now, enough of the story, lets get into action.

1. Download and Install MyPhoneExplorer on PC and Phone

MyPhoneExplorer is a top rated, feature rich PC suite for Android Phones. The app syncs everything between your phone and PC. This app also includes clipboard sharing, which means you can press ctrl+c on your PC and paste on your phone and vice versa.

   MyPhoneExplorer for PC      MyPhoneExplorer for Android

2. Connect Phone via USB or Bluetooth or Wi-Fi

Install and run apps on both PC and Phone.

To connect your Phone with MyPhoneExplorer, just go to”‘File” > “Settings” > “Connect via” and choose the mode of connection, if you are using more than one mode, then select “Autodetect” and click OK



3. Now click “File” > “Connect


If you are finding difficulty in connecting your Phone, Click here to read further instructions.


4. Auto Decrease PC volume during Phone Calls

Once the connection is made, Go to “Settings” > “Behaviour”  and check the option “Decrease PC volume during calls to” and click OK and test once by playing a song in PC and dialing a number on the phone.

By default the volume is set to reduce to 20%, you can change the value as per your need.


From now on, whenever you receive a call, your PC volume automatically gets reduced and once the call is finished, volume is restored.

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