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2.1 Speaker System buying Guide – 8 Things you should Know before you buy

The sound quality of a Speaker System depends on several factors such as Size, Shape, RMS, Frequency Response etc., So, before you step into a store or place an order online, it is better to learn some critical factors that affect the sound quality.

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How a 2.1 Works?

As the name suggests, a 2.1 has 2 satellite speakers and 1 Sub-Woofer. The Sub-Woofer driver circuit and speaker are designed so that it emits only low frequency sounds in the range of 20-200HZ(approx.). The Satellite speakers covers other frequencies (Up to 20,000HZ) in the audible sound spectrum which may also include some of Low Frequencies.


What is 2.0, 2.1, 5.1 and 7.1 Sound Systems?

First number denotes – Number of Satellite Speakers that reproduces the MID and HIGH frequencies, and generally gives Non-Bass part of the music

Second Number denotes – The Number of Sub-Woofers, generally it is 1

1. Select speakers with High RMS

Power output of the speakers are determined by RMS Value. High RMS value denotes high sound or amplification. Be careful to choose a Sub-Woofer with High RMS. Some Manufacturers denote the Power Output in PMPO, In that case roughly divide the PMPO by 4 to get RMS value.

2. Frequency Response

Sub-Woofers with very low frequency response range gives good deep bass. It is better in the range of 20-200Hz. But be sure that the specifications are not fake, since some companies exaggerate them.

3. Prefer Larger Enclosures and Large Speakers

Sub-Woofers that has a large dimension can produce very good bass. The bass is enriched by the size and shape of the enclosure. Wooden Enclosures are better.

4. Bass and Treble Controls

Prefer systems that has a Bass and Treble control in addition to the Volume Control. This helps you to adjust the sound quality right on the speakers instead of adjusting them the PC, very helpful while your input is from a DVD player or Phone.

5. Remote Control, USB Input and Other Features

If necessary, buy a 2.1 system with Remote control. Prefer a 2.1 system with multiple Inputs like USB port, Memory Card Port, etc., But be sure that the Sound Quality and Number of additional features are balanced.

6. Active vs. Passive Speakers

Active speakers are the one which needs power supply to amplify the input signal, while Passive Speakers don’t need Power Supply and they don’t do any amplification. In comparison, Active Speakers are Best, while passive speakers are just for portable devices like Laptops, Phones, etc.,

7. Compare Prices and Specifications on Online Shopping Websites

Before you buy, compare prices, specifications and other details on various shopping sites and filter out the best. Choose the one that falls within your budget.

8. Read Reviews and Test Speakers Before you Buy

Read reviews written by people who already own them on shopping sites. It is recommended that you visit the store and test those speakers at high volumes to see if there is any noise present or if the sound quality degrades at high volumes.

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