Sunday, June 23, 2024

The sound of Space – First ever sound of the Interstellar space recorded (Video)

Have you ever wondered what the space will sound like? does it remain in absolute silence or does it get regular disturbances from comets, meteoroids, stars and other massive heavenly bodies? well, here’s the answer, just read on.

Since it’s launch in 1977 NASA’s voyager 1 satellite had been travelling in the space as a lonely traveler with no specific destination for almost 36 years, and there’s a great news around, it has left the solar system and now travelling in the so called interstellar space, a space beyond our solar system out there towards stars. The spacecraft has been recognized to be travelling through hot sea of ionized gases. For the first time ever in the history it has captured the sound of the space.

The signals from the satellite were collected over years and compressed as a few seconds video. Well, you have got a chance to hear the Sound of the Interstellar Space.

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