Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Nokia Z Launcher for Android is available for Download


There is yet another new launcher for our android devices. Nokia just launched its own android launcher caller Z launcher. This is a bit surprising that Nokia developed an android app months after selling its devices business to Microsoft. The Z launcher looks smart and innovative. You can download the Z launcher from the Google Play Store.

Search with scribble

The Z launcher is simple yet functional. One of the big feature that makes the Z launcher stand out is “Scribble“, this feature lets you search for apps, contacts and websites just by drawing letter on the homescreen. For instance, if you are looking for the Gmail app, simply draw the letter “G” on the homescreen and Gmail app should show up. Unlike other launchers, the Z launcher searches for apps, contacts and also websites.

Z launcher is Adaptive

The Z launcher is designed to learn how you use your device throughout and promotes those frequently used apps and contacts on the homescreen. This really helps in faster access of our favourite apps and contacts.

Although the launcher is smart and innovative, it needs to get more polished. Note that the launcher is in its beta stage, you can download the Nokia Z launcher here.

Nokia Z Launcher Video


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