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How to download Android apps to PC and transfer it to Mobile


I have a broadband connection on my PC but I don’t have  internet connection/mobile data plan on my android mobile phone/tablet, is it possible for me to download android apps from the Google Play directly to my PC and later transfer it to my mobile/tab and install? well, this question arises to most of android device users, you may have a 2G plan which is way slow to download huge games and apps or you may have a limited and expensive 3G data plan, so it is a good idea to install apps on your android device through your PC.

Here’s a ultra fast guide to download Android Apps to PC and then transfer it to your mobile

Step 1 : Get App ID from URL

Browse to the Android App on the Google Play, copy the app’s id from the URL

For example I am about to download Avast Anti-Theft app, below is the URL and the app id is highlighted in Green


Google-Play-Store-Android-App-ID for direct download to PC

Step 2: Download app using the generated link

Paste the ID in http://apps.evozi.com/apk-downloader/, and click “Generate Download Link“, in a few seconds, your download link will be ready, now download the app, the app will have a file extension of .apk


Download-Android-App-to-PC and transfer to mobile

Step 3: Transfer app from PC to Mobile

Once the download is complete, transfer this app to your mobile phone using your data cable, bluetooth of memory card. Browse to the .apk file on the device and tap it to start the installation. Done


You may also download APK downlaoder for Windows but I guess using the online tool is far better and safe

So, from now on you can download android apps at your will on your PC and transfer and install them on your device later, so no more warning sign like “You don’t have any devices”

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