Blogger to WordPress Migration

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We have a handful of high end Hosting services that support WordPress hosting. We can choose the best server for you, so that your blog never goes down. If you already own a Hosting Package, we will be happy to install WordPress  and proceed further.

Installation of WordPress

We will install WordPress and provide you support if you have any questions on installation and maintenance.

SEO Friendly Migration

We provide a smooth migration, so that your Google Ranks won’t drop. Your previous posts on Blogger platform will be individually redirected to respective posts on WordPress. No 404 Errors. All your Images will be transferred to self hosted WordPress Platform.

Loading Speed

Visitors leave a website if it takes more than four seconds to load. We optimize your website content, images, scripts and all codes and make it load faster. We provide CDN integration, using which your blog will load 4 times faster than usual.


Setting up Plugins

Just because you have tons of plugins for WordPress doesn’t mean you are free to use all. Some plugins are CPU intensive, some are heavy, and some trigger conflicts with other plugins. We always Choose the best and light weight plugins that will not affect the website loading speed.


Optimizing Images

All images will be aligned and optimized for search engines. Images will be compressed to make the file size minimum for faster loading.


In addition to migration, we will integrate Google Analytics and Clicky Analytics on your blog. By these analytics, you can know the number of visitors to your website, time they spend, pages they visit and more.



As WordPress is getting popular, spammers and hackers are targeting this platform to inject adware and malware. Most WordPress blogs without proper security configuration are compromised. Without Security, hackers can inject ads on your site and they can even steal your credentials or even delete all your work. We provide extreme security configurations to keep these hackers away. We guarantee a you a secure blog.


We will be happy to assist you through your WordPress journey.


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