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7 Reasons why you should avoid playing Pokémon Go


We are not discouraging playing Pokémon Go. This article is to educate kids and the grownups to play safe. Have some fun but not at the cost of safety. We recommend you to play Pokémon Go within your home limit, in the garden or in your friends home, or in a large park.

Workaround to Install Pokémon Go if it is not available in your country (But read this article before you do)


1. Safety First

If you have been playing Pokémon Go for a while, you should have noticed that hunting these Pokédex and Pokémons will lead you to roads, churches, gyms and places as far as a mile. Talking or texting while on the road is too dangerous, here, at least you have a chance to look at the road then and there. That’s not the case with Pokémon Go.

People are spotted walking with their eyes pinned into their smartphone screens. People are playing the game while driving car, riding motor cycle. Less aware of the real world surrounding. People are simply trapped in a virtual world, and sometimes prioritizing virtual world over the real may trigger long term regrets.

Just avoid Playing Pokémon Go and warn your kids not to play. Keep in mind Indian roads are too dangerous. Don’t be the one who disturbs the traffic flow.


2. Can trigger unnecessary and unworthy confrontations

With Pokémon Go, people have started walking on stranger’s yards to catch the virtual and fake Pokémons, this may incite unnecessary confrontations.

In a recent event in the US kids were been shot at by a house owner for trespassing (fortunately the kids are fine). Some kids ended up in police station following the Pokédex (even here the cops were good that they let the kids go home with warnings). But we cannot expect situations to remain favorable all the time. After all we are not invincible and we are not game characters to get a second chance.

You could mess up with your neighbors lawn and put yourself in a victim situation, and that too for totally unworthy Pokédex cartoons. The Pokémon mania has become too addictive that people have started walking down the streets at midnight to catch Pokémons.



3. Using Camera in Public

As the game primarily relies on your smartphone camera, often time you may be spotted holding your phone in the public with the camera on. Say, what happens when someone thinks you are taking a picture or recording them?(actually your are not).

Sometimes that may end up in an awkward situation. Standing in front of a police station holding the phone still in photography posture will definitely invite some unwelcome guests questioning your intention. And keep in mind there are camera prohibited areas like Defense areas, Office, Schools and so on.

You cannot simply switch on your camera in a public place like in bus, bus stops railway station, airport, park, mall or a Government building. Be aware where you are, analyze the place and then start playing.


4. The ultimate battery killer

The battery of your phone drains faster when your screen is on, GPS is on, mobile data is on, and camera is on. Unfortunately all these battery hogs must be on while you play Pokémon Go. And there we are, we may end up with low battery before even noon. And for the rest of the day you might carry a device that’s as useless as a piece of brick.

What if you need to book a cab, call a friend, find a shop or listen to some songs during the commute. You have to sacrifice everything for just a useless game, that’s cheating your brain. Be wise.


5. A real time waster (No offence, Pokemon Fans!)

Pokémon Go can emerge as a real distraction. A quick little game for refreshing the mind is OK, but this game is just addictive and when played along with friends especially in cities, the addiction is compounded. Go ahead, play for sometime, just for sometime. (No offence, Pokémon Fans. we too love the game, but thought of giving a generic warning)



6. Data

It’s OK to play on WiFi, but when you step outside and your phone switches to mobile data, that’s where you start spending your money. Some reports suggests that Pokémon Go is taking up too much data. Be aware of your data usage.


7. Money

As the addiction grows up, you may not find it difficult to shell out few dollars for in app purchases (micro transactions). If your kids are playing Pokémon Go with your credit card in the system, it’t time to remove the card.


The bottom line

Play Pokémon as much as you can, have fun and let the kids have fun. But be sure to prioritize safety, time and your resources more than the game itself. Happy Safe Hunting. Some key points to remember,

1. Play within your house limits.
2. Be fully aware of your surroundings.
3. Don’t disturb the traffic flow, don’t play on roads.
4. Don’t play while driving or riding.
5. Play responsibly.
6. Don’t switch on Camera in public place where cameras are prohibited or will look weird.

Workaround to Install Pokémon Go if it is not available in your country (But read this article before you do)

7. Keep an eye on your data.

Have anything to add to the story? let us discuss. Any picture supporting the article are welcome.

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