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5 Situations When You Will Need an Online PDF Conversion Tool

It’s pretty common nowadays that people heavily use and rely on different kinds of online tools, and truth be told, most online tools in demand indeed deserve such immense popularity. Frequently as good as their costly opponents, paid software programs, free online tools can offer as good, or at least almost as good of results as programs, and for this reason they get the respect from millions of users across the world.

What are the common uses of online tools?

There is virtually an infinite number of useful tools that can be used for so many particular tasks, but for most of them, their use revolves around business-related functions, or in other words, they help the modern working men overcome a specific problem.

One of the areas that regularly causes headaches are PDF files. As a very old file format, the PDF has been around for almost 30 years, but to this day wreaks havoc, in spite of its marvelous advantages. For those who are unfamiliar with it, the Portable Document Format is perfect for sending and sharing of files between various operating systems and devices, but are horrible when it comes to editing, because of their strict read-only nature.

How can you edit a PDF?

In order to make this format editable again, a user needs to return it to its previous state, before it was made into a PDF in the first place, and that can be achieved with specific online tools.

There is a versatile tool that can convert PDFs back to Word, Excel and PowerPoint, the three most used Microsoft Office formats, and it can also create PDFs out of other files.

With Free PDF Conversion Online tool, the entire process is finished in just a few steps, and for those who don’t fully comprehend if they need such a converter, we will list several situations where such a tool really comes in handy.



  1. When you have books, business plans, or research papers trapped in PDF

No matter if you are a serious business professional or a high school/college student, PDF to .docx conversion option will allow you to get your regular Word files editable again.

  1. Problems with invoices and sales reports

A very useful thing for all accountants and business analysts, PDF to Excel conversion can make those important spreadsheets modifiable once more.

  1. All kinds of presentations

If you need to transform a business brochure, or edit a school presentation from a PDF into a PowerPoint file, with the PDF to .ppt conversion it can be done in no-time.

  1. Handling personal finance

Annual tax reports and troublesome income statements can be edited rather easily with the use of this tool, and the hardship and stress that’s associated with this type of work can really be lessened.

  1. Creating PDFs for many different reasons

If you want to secure your resume, create an important invoice for your business partners, or protect and shield the contract you’ve sent to various potential collaborators, free online PDF creation is at your disposal.

Hopefully you now have a slightly deeper understanding of the multiple ways that this PDF tool can help your overcome mundane problems and issues, and when the situation calls for it, you will remember that it can help you out!

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