Wednesday, March 3, 2021
How to view Thumbnail Previews of Photoshop PSD files in Windows 10

How to view Thumbnail Previews of PSD files in Windows 10

Windows 10 doesn't show previews for PSD files due to licensing restrictions. Without thumbnail previews, it is hard to find a particular Photoshop document...

Merge or Combine Multiple Images into PDF using Windows 10

Do you have multiple scanned images that needs to be combined, joined or merged into a single PDF file? Windows 10 can do the job for you, here's how
Save-Windows-10-Spotlight-Lock screen-Images

Easy Way to Download Windows 10 Lock Screen Background Images

The Lock Screen background images in Windows 10 are simply cool, and setting them as wallpaper on you desktop or mobile is even cooler. These...
Download-and-Install-Windows-10-Technical-Preview - Guide

Download and Install Windows 10 Technical Preview

Microsoft's next operating system after Windows 8.1 is Windows 10. While all of us were expecting the name to be Windows 9, Microsoft choose...

How to Permanently Disable System Sounds in Windows

  I am not a fan of those annoying system sounds in Windows. No matter how many times I pull the slider down and mute...

How to Switch Back to Local Account Sign-In, in Windows 10

If you have updated your system to Windows 10, you probably would have associated your computer to a Microsoft Account. This has it's own benefits,...
01 How to remove Password from PDF file using Google Chrome

How to remove Password from PDF file using Google Chrome

PDF documents that contain sensitive, private and financial data are usually password protected before they are sent over an email to the end user....

Microsoft Rolls out Windows 10 Technical Preview with Cortana

Microsoft has just rolled out the next build  of Windows 10 Technical Preview, featuring the much awaited Cortana and few other features. The Digital...

Ccleaner 5 gets flat design, available for download

Ccleaner 5.0 is out for download with a new flat design. The new version has got some minor updates under the hood and major update...