Ubislate may come bundled with Rs.99 Data Plan and is Expected to be from Airtel

The Ubislate 7+ tablet is expected to be launched on January 12. It is also expected that the Tablet will come bundled with a Data plan of Rs.99. And Datawind has preferred Bharti Airtel to provide the data plan.


According to sources, Suneet Singh Tuli, CEO of Datawind has said that Ubislate is likely to be bundled with a data plan of INR99, and has stated that

We continue to be positive on the Indian telecom sector with Bharti Airtel as our preferred pick

So users can expect INR 99 Data Plan from Airtel bundled with Ubislate 7+

Ubislate7+, the upgraded version of Ubislate7(Aakash) from Datawind has got 14 Lakh Pre-orders in just 14 Days. The Ubislate7+ has more additional features like Internet Connectivity, Mobile Functionality, Wi-Fi, GPRS and more. The Tablet is priced at Rs.2,999.

The company expects to sell 5mn tablets in India by march 13. New production facilities in Kochi and Noida are likely to be operational soon.

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