Special symbols and shapes on Facebook Status, Comments and Chat [How to use]

Use special symbols, shapes and characters like ☼ ► ♪ ♫ ◄ ↕ █ ╚ ¬ to highlight Facebook Status Messages, Comments and chat. With these special alt code characters you can make your comments outstanding and eye catchy. With some creativity, you may also use these characters in combination to create your own artworks.Write ALT Codes Characters

It is very simple to write a special symbol, all you need to do is Press ALT Key on your keyboard and before releasing it press any number and release now, and wow you got something special. Try yourself with some of these Alt Codes.You can also just copy these symbols (Ctrl+C) and Paste (Ctrl+V) them in Facebook Status or comments

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Here are some Fascinating Symbols and Shapes you would like

Airplane MSN symbol – ✈

Headphones MSN symbol – ☊

Celsius symbol – ℃

Heart symbol MSN – ♥

Music note symbol – ♪

Phone ☎

You can find More Symbols and Shapes from following links

msnsymbols | alt-codes

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