40 Must Have and Best Android Apps of 2016 for a New Phone


31. Audio Recorder | Crisp and Clear audio recording

Audio RecorderThe Audio Recorder app is from Sony, and is the best app of its kind. The intuitive recording interface gives you easy access to record, pause, audio editing, recording settings and other functions. Playback can also be done in the app. The Recording are crisp and clear.

Install Audio Recorder


32. Google Maps (Offline) | Travel

MapsWhile Google maps comes preinstalled in most of the devices, we still wanted to insist the importance of the app. With Google Maps you won’t get lost if you are new to the city.
The best part of the latest version is that you can download an area or city for offline viewing. This offline feature is of great help when your internet is slow or the data is expensive or if you don’t get mobile signal.
Just download an area you wish and switch the data/Wi-Fi off and use Google Maps offline.

Install Google Maps


33. Uber | Best Android App to Book a Cab

UberSometime, in a busy city, it’s hard to get a cab for a nominal price and sometimes the drivers deny service citing the time, weather and destination. But that’s a history, there are ridesharing apps, from which you can request a cab and ride to your destination, mostly at affordable prices. We would recommend two of such apps for Android. Uber and Ola
The Uber app is simple to use and well designed. You can simply open the app, select a car, choose a destination and request. The car’s location will be shown in the map and in a matter of 5 to 20 minutes your cab will arrive to pick you up.
Payment can be done through credit card, PayTm wallet or by cash

Install Uber


34. OLA | Book a cab or Auto

Ola cabs - Book taxi in IndiaWhile UBER is a US based company, OLA is India based. OLA offers similar features to uber and the main difference being you can request an Auto using OLA.
Payments can be done through OLA Money or Cash.
The best part of these apps is you can share your ride with someone and share the cost too.

Install Ola


35. FreeCharge | Recharge Anywhere, Anytime

Freecharge Mobile Recharge & WalletFreecharge is one of the fastest mobile recharge apps. You don’t have to go to a shop to recharge.
The best part with Freecharge is there are always some coupons that will give you 5 to 25 percent cashbacks.
If you are a first time user, use the code and recharge for a minimum of Rs.50 and you will immediately get Rs.50 cashback

Install FreeCharge


36. Flipkart | Online Shopping

FlipkartFlipkart is India’s top online shopping app. With the app installed you can get timely alerts on any discounts and flash sale. Flipkart offers 100% buyer protection and hassle free returns.
The best part with the apps is you can use image search, which means you can take photo of a shirt and search for the same design on Flipkart, just in a tap.

Install FlipKart


37. Call Recorder – ACR | Best Android App for Audio Recording

Call Recorder - ACR

Important Note: It is illegal to record calls without the consent from the other party. Please check whether call recording is legal or illegal in your country before using this app.

It’s not always that much easier to remember important points that you just discussed with your clients. So, it’s a good idea to have all your phone conversations recorded and also synced to the cloud like Dropbox if necessary.

Install Call Recorder


38. ISS Detector Satellite Tracker | For Space Enthusiasts

ISS Detector Satellite TrackerYou can see the International Space Station without even a telescope. The International Space Station is the largest object in ever constructed by humans. It orbits at an altitude of 300 kilometers from earth in space and completes nearly 16 orbits around earth everyday. You can see the station moving across the sky if you know when to see.
The ISS Detector Satellite Tracker app can alert you when the station is about to pass over your location and also show where the station is.It can also alert you if there are any possibility to view other satellites. So, don’t miss the next sighting of the ISS.

Installl ISS Detector


39. Sky Map | For Space Enthusiasts

Sky MapWith Sky Map, you can just hold your phone to the sky and identify the names of stars, planets, nebulae and more. Sky Map is a hand held planetarium originally developed by Google. This app is a must for space enthusiasts and Children.

Installl Sky Map


40. Elevate – Brain Training | Game for Productivity

Elevate - Brain Training
This app consists of 35+ brain games. The games in the app are basically brain training programs designed to improve attention, speaking skills, processing speed, memory, math skills, and more. The more you train with Elevate, the more you’ll improve critical cognitive skills that are proven to boost productivity, earning power, and self-confidence. Users who train at least 3 times per week have reported dramatic gains and increased confidence
This app is a must have if you wish to improve your productivity. Elevate is the best android game to increase productivity.

Install Elevate

Did we miss any app? Suggestions are welcome,  please let us know in the comments below.

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