40 Must Have and Best Android Apps of 2016 for a New Phone


21. TrueCaller | Identify unknown phone numbers

Truecaller - Caller ID & BlockIdentify those unknown number before you pickup or dial a call

We get marketing calls all the time, and there should be an app that identifies these unknown numbers and block them if necessary. So here come, TrueCaller. To put in a simple word, TrueCaller and TrueDialer are reverse phone number lookup apps.
Truecaller identifies the name of the caller even when you don’t have their number stored in your contacts. You can also search for any number in the world to see who it belongs to. Truecaller is the best android app for caller identification.

Install TrueCaller


22. TrueDialler | Identify unknown phone numbers

Truedialer - Phone & ContactsTrueDialler is same as Truecaller but for outgoing calls. All unknown number in your call history will be replaced by names, and you can also get the contact information of any unknown number just by dialing it.

Install TrueDialer


23. Shazam | Song ID, Reverse Song Search

ShazamWith the Sound Identification or Reverse Music Search apps, you can identify any song that’s playin on the tv, or in the bus, or in a hotel or anywhere. The two best app of this kind are Shazam and SoundHound

Shazam is by far the most popular and best music identification app. The app’s huge database of acoustic fingerprint has been used to identify 15 billion songs so far. Shazam is the best android app for searching for music.

Install Shazam


24. SoundHound | Song ID, Reverse Song Search

SoundHound Music SearchThis app lets identify songs by simply singing, humming or even whistling. Soundhound is the best android app for identifying songs just bu singing,

Install SoundHound


25. MX Player | Best Media Player

MX PlayerMX Player can play wide number of Video formats that the native player don’t even support. This is the best android app for playing videos and music.
Few features that convinced us to recommend MX player are,

  • It’s very easy to adjust volume and brightness, just swipe up or down in the left or right side of the video.
  • Subtitles can be added to movies
  • The SW Decoder feature allows you to amplify sound, which is especially usefull for phones with low sound output.
  • The player also offers functions like Pinch to Zoom and Pan
  • The video player can also be used as Audio Player.

Install MX Player


26. Smart Key | Control media using call key in headset

Smart KeyThis app will let you personalize your Headset call key. For example you can configure like double pressing the call key instructs the music player to go to the next song, pressing it thrice instructs to go to previous song and so on.

Install SmartKey


27. Google Camera | Best Camera

Google CameraI Personally prefer Sony’s camera app as it offers a wide variety of features like background defocus, time burst, motion shot, time lapse and more, but it is compatible with only Sony devices.
So, the best camera app that’s compatible with all android devices is Google Camera. The app is fast, and you can take pictures as Panorama or Photosphere. The lens blur option offers background defocusing effect. The app is also fast to snap photos and record videos.

Install Google Camera


28. Cardboard Camera | Best camera for VR

Cardboard CameraCardboard camera is another camera app from Google. It is especially useful if you have a Virtual Reality Cardboard Kit. You can shoot Panorama images with sound and play it on a cardboard viewer to get an immersive experience.

Install Cardboard Camera


29. Snapseed | Best Android App for Image Editing from Google

SnapseedThis app from Google brings you the power of a high end professional photo editing software to your smartphone. You can tune images, crop, rotate, transform, selectively apply effects, heal and more.
There are a dozen of filters like Lens Blur, Glamour Glow, Grunge, Grainy film, Vintage , Frames and more. You have unlimited options to perfect your photo. Snapseed is the best android app for photo editing.

Install SnapSeed


30. Pixlr | Best Android App for Image Editing from Autodesk

Pixlr – Free Photo EditorThis app is from Autodesk, the creator or AutoCAD adn Maya. This app has tons of filters and effects. Unlike Snapseed, this app also allows you to use your camera and overlay effects and filters in real time.
Install Pixlr

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