How to track your traveling speed with Android Phone

How to track your traveling speed with Android Phone

Whether you are traveling in a bus, train or a car, you can keep track on how fast you are traveling with this awesome speedometer android app called SpeedView. This app uses your phone’s in-built GPS to calculate the speed. You can either view your speed in mph or km/h. SpeedView shows your current, maximum and average speed, as well as the direction, total distance, and time traveled. This app is fun and more informational. If you are a daily commuter to the office, then you can install this app to have some fun during your commute.


The speed calculation is more accurate and more reliable.The user interface is pretty awesome and the speed variations are represented in a graph. You can also see how far you have travelled and then the time taken.

SpeedView has become my favorite app. You can install SpeedView from Google Play Store.

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