How to restore recent tabs after you accidentally closed Google Chrome

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Instead of minimizing I accidentally closed the entire Google Chrome browser, if  it were Firefox there is a way to restore the last session but I wonder how to restore my last session in Google Chrome. Well, reopening recently closed tabs and restoring the last session after accidental browser exit or system shutdown is simple with Google Chrome.

How to restore last session in Google Chrome

1. Simply open the browser, and in the bottom right you can see an option called “Recently Closed

2. Now click on it, and you can see a list of recently closed tabs and in the top of the list you will notice something like “6 Tabs” (I closed the browser when there were 6 open tabs)


3. Now click on it and, wow, your last session is restored with all tabs in order, that’s it

Reopening recently closed tabs

If you simply want to restore your most recently closed tab, just “Right Click” on top of the browser window or tab and select “Reopen closed tab” (Ctrl + Shift + T), you can reopen as many recently closed tabs as you wish


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