How to automatically shutdown your PC after certain time using CMD

Automatically-Shutdown-your-Computer-after-specific-time-using-Windows-Command-Prompt You do not need a third party software to automatically shutdown your computer, because you can schedule your system shutdown using the command prompt. The SHUTDOWN command does everthing. The command can be used to shutdown, restart, logoff and hibernate your local computer or a remote PC connected to your network. Here’s a quick guide,

How to schedule system shutdown

1. Open the “cmd” window, to open the command prompt, press Win key + R, type cmd and hit Enter 2. Now type the following command, the below command shuts down the computer after 1800 seconds (30 minutes)

Shutdown /s /t 1800 – This command will shut down you computer in 30 minutes

Shutdown /s /f /t 1800 – This command will force shut down your computer in 30 minutes, which means all running applications will be closed without getting stuck on “Do you want to Force Shutdown” notification



shutdown is the common command to perform Shutdown, restart, logoff or hibernate operation


/s – means, shutdown, other commands are listed below /r – restart /p – shutdown without a warning /h – hibernate /l – logoff /a – abort a scheduled shutdown


/t command is used to set the timer.

Aborting a scheduled shutdown

If you want to cancel a scheduled shutdown you can type the following command in the cmd window shutdown /a

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