Best Alternative to Google Analytics

Most of the Website developers, and owners use Google Analytics for analyzing the traffic and various other parameters. But Some of us don’t feel much comfortable with the user interface and the depth of data that Google Analytics offers.

Clicky is much more easier and offers real-time traffic analysis. 

Clicky Web Analytics – Click to Sign up

Clicky provides  real-time, in-depth analysis of the traffic. Results are well organised. It reveals the visitor location, their browser, operating system, source of traffic, links, searches, time spent by specific user and tonnes of other data, essential for optimizing your website for a better traffic.

Follow these steps to get Clicky run on you site

Step 1. Sign up to Clicky Web Analytics
Step 2. Get code 
Step 3. Integrate in on your website
Step 4. Done

Once integrated, clicky immediately starts analyzing the traffic. Clicky also offers nice widgets that can be used to show traffic to your visitors.

Clicky can be be integrated on wide variety of platforms through plugins and manual integration

ClickyTouch for iPhone and iPad
ClickyChrome for Google Chrome
Clicky mobile web app
Clicky Dashboard for Windows
ClickyDroid for Android
iGoogle widget

Ruby Rack
Concrete 5

Manual integration
Your custom web site hosted blog
Facebook fan page
Blogger / Blogspot

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