Auto Shutdown or Logoff PC at specific time [How to]

Auto-Shutdown Windows

Automatically Shutdown, Logoff, Restart, Standby or Hibernate, your Windows PC at a specific time or within a specific time.

Why should you use a Auto Shutdown tool

There are many occasions while you are in need to auto-shutdown your PC, say for example

  • while you listen music while in bed,
  • performing a long download,
  • copying huge files that take huge time,
  • watching a movie while you are about to sleep (or the movie itself makes you sleep),
  • you allowed kids to do something for a specific time on your PC or whatever.

In all these occasions PC Sleep comes handy to automate the required PC function.


PC Sleep – Download PC Sleep

PC Sleep is a great automation tool you will enjoy using it. You can schedule the required function at a specific time or within some specified time. Before it performs the function, a popup window will alert you giving you 30 seconds to decide whether to cancel or continue the operation.

Requirement – Download .Net Framework (Only if you don’t have already)

It works on Windows XP/2003/Windows Vista/Server 2008/Windows7, and requires .Net Framework. In rare cases if you don’t have .Net Framework on your PC you can download it from here

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