1670 Km/hr, can you believe this is the speed of earth?

Earth Rotation

Have you ever wondered how fast we are moving? here’s a fascinating fact you’d love. We are on earth and the earth takes 24 Hours to make a full rotation. The earth’s circumference is 40,070 Km in the equator.  So, at the equator the speed will be 1670 km/hour, here’s how to calculate

Steps to find the speed of earth

1. Find out you latitude from Heavens-above.com or simply search in Google

2.  Paste the below expression in Google search

                                                   Cos (X) * 1670

replace the “X” with your latitude value


Speed of earth at the equator = Circumference / Time taken

                                                                       = (40,070/24)

                                                                      = 1670 km/hour

If you are not in the equator, simply multiply the cosine of your latitude with 1670 and that should give the speed in your location

For example, assume that your location is Bangalore

Latitude of Bangalore: 12 degree

Speed of earth in Bangalore = Cos (12) * 1670

= 1409 km/hr

Source and Related Links:

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2. http://image.gsfc.nasa.gov/poetry/ask/a10840.html

3. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Earth’s_rotation

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